Brighter by WhoMadeWho


Who came first? The chicken or the egg? Who cares and listen to this Scandanavian trip band’s album Brighter. Needeth I say the effects it will have upon thee?

The album is a great listen with a experimental alternative rock foundation with the grand addition of electrical swing. The vocals are intriguing and memorizing throughout.





This music video/ short film is a must watch!


Tonight the Menu for Food4urMood! The Blackhawk and the Nightdrivers will be performing live! As well as Masha, the creator of Art Edition, the dopiest event to ever come to Boca Raton, will be coming in the studio to tell us whatsup for this Friday at The  Black Rose Irish Pub.

Streaming live at 8pm- 10 pm on FAU OwlRadio

Check out one of the bands tracks below


And this Friday!

Here’s the event page for edition.5 :

I love anything underground, under-appreciated, and definitely unclassified. This mixtape is just that, a compilation ranging from some unknowns like XXXY and Dauwd, to big names like Burial and SBTRKT. The mix is a trip throughout; weaving you through a cosmic super highway of twisty electronic beats… then exiting off into a martian desert of calm unknowingness. Enjoy the ride.

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