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Lonerism by Tame Impala


Tame Impala could be classified as new age rock, yet with a classic twang. They have a Beatleseque sound; some cool ass Aussies jamming on digital acid.

Their latest album, Lonerism, dropped October 2012 but I’m finally finding it in my rotation… for good reason. Their previous album, Innerspeaker  I just couldn’t get enough of, and this one is just as good if not better.

Here are some of my fav tracks below:



Sarangi 4:18 Hooverphonic
Diferente remixed by Zwicker 4:40 Gotan Project
Traumdeuter (With Matt Didemus) 5:22 Zwicker
Submarine Kabelgau (With James Telpdek) 4:55 Zwicker
Kumquat 6:05 Zwicker
Sui’s Knee (Ft. Jamie Lloyd) 5:39 Zwicker
Dragon Fly feat. Billy Oden (Soultourist Remix) 5:51 Zwicker
Who You Are (Ft. Heidi Happy) 3:58 Zwicker
Migration Ceremony 3:49 DJ Frane
Boatman 4:20 DJ Frane
Take A Look 3:55 DJ Frane
Cloudy Voyage 4:33 DJ Frane
Beyond The Time Vortex 5:11 DJ Frane
Machine says yes 6:40 FC Kahuna
Hayling 6:48 FC Kahuna
Wardrobe 4:31 Hooverphonic
Cirrus 5:57 Bonobo
Rose Quartz 4:15 Toro Y Moi
Forever More 7:22 Moloko
Nobody Else (Club Edit) 4:54 Full Crate x Mar
All For Real 1:45 Alf Alpha
No One 5:07 Moon Boots
Your Style (Maya Jane Coles Remix) 6:44 Maceo Plex
IWM 2:14 OL
yrLyf (master #1) 4:44
Tekken (REMIX) -DVNNY SETH (TSH FS edit) 3:53 Bonus
spare change1 3:47