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This new era of mashing up genres is beautiful, here’s just the right example.

Dub sensation Rusko teams up with classic mindbending rap group Cypress Hill. They’re planning on releasing a 5 track EP in April 2012. The first single is dOpe, and it’s video is too.

Download the This MP3 Here.

And Check out Rusko’s Soundcloud

And just a throwback because it’s too good

stay insane ya’ll

Ok, who is Cherub??
Well by definition it’s a little flying cupid baby, and it’s also this seducing awesome new band to watch out for.
I heard their EP, “Man Of The Hour” a while back and fell for their memorizing baselines and super glassy vocals, accompanied by uber smooth synths. Listen to it below
And now, they’ve dropped an entire new album titled “MoM & DaD”
Listen & Download here, and read up a little on this electric duo. All I’ve gotta say is it’s hard for these guys to not make amazing sounds!!
peep these tracks & download the whole bum below

Some Eye Candy


Dope Tracks for you to Jam today =)


Scroll down and Click on 



Link for download


“Monolithic Code” Break Science

” The code is the system to express this transformation. Containing information from the past, present and future, it holds the key to unlock our potential as spiritual beings.”

enough said lolz


“Strange Weekend” I love it
smooth listening

tune in tonight!